Krista Wostbrock believes in creating interiors that balance a high level of design with function, a sense of fun with iconic design elements, and a bold yet refined aesthetic. Krista works closely with her clients to build a strong and unique relationship that serves as the fundamental element of her designs. Her goal is to create spaces that are not only aesthetically alluring, but compatible and reflective of ones lifestyle.

I live for the feeling when you walk into a space and the positive vibrations and inspiring impact of a room instantly takes over you. This is what gets my blood flowing and wheels turning. I truly believe an interior is a natural projection of your soul. To me, it's not objects that make a room come to life but the overall emotion it conjures. Creating spaces that reflect and enhance both a person's personality and lifestyle all while making them feel happy and at ease is what feeds my passion as an interior designer.-Krista Wostbrock